About Us

Our Society, hosted by the St George League's Club, was established over fifty-five years ago. We are one of the largest amateur photographic clubs in NSW with a diverse group of amateurs through to professionals. Some of our members are beginners whilst others have been with the Society since its inception in 1963. Amongst our members are award winners at national and international levels, some are accredited judges of camera club competitions. Overall our group shares a passion for photography and has a willingness to help others learn.

Our Society is a great place to make new friends, share your interest in photography, have fun and meet new people. Our host Club at Kogarah provides us with a meeting room and access to the wonderful club amenities. Many of our members like to come a little early and take advantage of the bistro which offers a wonderful selection of food at great prices.

Our Committee

One team with trust and common goals

Our committee members are all volunteers. They manage things like sourcing presenters and judges for our sessions, maintaining this website, looking after membership records, running meetings and ensuring we comply with our constitution.

We meet the challenges in preparing the annual schedule of events, which are varied and often difficult, by knowing that we all trust each other and pursue the same goals.

Our main goals are safely conducting the business of the society and providing the most interesting, exciting and stimulating events that we can.

If you would like to be a part of the team, please let our President know and we can get in touch with you. We would really appreciate it.


Marianthi Karadoukas



Karen Rochford



Frank Dannaher

Sports Council Delegate


David Marston

Vice President

ken copy.jpg

Ken Caldwell

Evaluations & Web Assist


Heidi O'Shannessy

Equipment Officer/Social Coordinator

Yvonne copy.jpg

Yvonne Marston


Screen Shot 2020-03-29 at 5.54.38 pm.png

Suzanne Prouzos

Past President

Martin Regan.jpg

Martin Regan


Our Volunteers


Ted Dimitropoulos

Media Assist


Heidi O'Shannessy

Social Coordinator

Dave Image 2022.jpg

Dave Randall