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Join Us - Membership Information

Application for Membership

Please download the application below, complete the form and email the completed form to

Membership of the St George League's Club is an eligibility requirement before joining our society.

We look forward to making your acquaintance.

Membership Benefits


Membership provides unhindered attendance at our Thursday sessions at the St George League's Club or via Zoom.

It also provides entry the our evaluation system by submitting images though our section on the My Photo Club website.

Our Constitution


We abide by the rules set down by our host club, the St George League's Club.

To adhere to those rules and to follow the conventions for Societies such as ours we are bound by our constitution.

There are two parts to our constitution. The first sets out our rules with changes having to be made at a general meeting. The second part deals with less formal items which can be changed by the committee such as session times and annual fees.

Both parts of our constitution may be downloaded from the two links shown below.

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